Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Themes in contemporary art

I've started my Intro to Contemporary Art Theory class and its gonna be a blast! Watching movies (Basquiat, Helvetica), having local artists talk about their practice(s), no group projects (big WOOT). I see why this course it built into a theme-based curriculum because if there's one word to describe contemporary art, it's varied!
Some other ideas to think about when appreciating contemporary art:
- content matters (even if meanings are open ended)
- there are many truths and realities
- ready-made became the remix
- painting isn't dead
- photography is a huge player
- sculpture is wide and expansive

I have so many "favourite artists" now that I couldn't begin to list them all, but a painter that I've only been made aware of recently is Jenny Saville. Frank, powerful, and warped visual sense . . . I love it! :)

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