Wednesday, November 2, 2011

View Street, Dusk

When thinking about landscape using video as a medium, the idea about creating time segments came up. I used loops of the jogger and car so that they would meet at a certain point and represent a fragment of "real time". The concept of "real time" is questioned using loops and a split screen to create an event that contains the same segment in time repeated, looped, sped up, cut, cropped, etc. But the shakey-cam aspect of it gives hints that the time sequence isn't in order so it's very ambiguous as to what happens first. Also, is it the same shot? Or is it different takes? I like that my assignments ask me more questions then I answer lol.
Making video art is so awesome! The only downsides are that time flys by when trying to figure how to do a certain function and that the footy from this last assignment is taking up 25% of my hard drive :D

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