Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I like records!

Records are fun! Perusing through the stacks of records is great cuz you see albums by bands that you may have forgotten about or ones you've always meant to check out but never have. I bought a copy of "Bug" by Dinosaur Jr. (for a reasonable price mind you) because it was one of my favourite albums! I'd listen to the album on my older brother's stereo cuz I had the fancy new compact disc player (with dual casette deck yeah!). I didn't buy much vinyl cuz I would have to beg my brother to take a break from his existential malaise (whilst listening to Morrissey . . . oh those white middle class suburban blues!) so I could borrow his stereo long enough to tape a record to casette . . . and of course it would skip so i'd have to redo it. Last year I bought a made-to-look vintage record player with casette deck, cd player, radio (!), and auxiliary line out (to say an ipod or computer) and have since started to slowly build up a collection! (much thanks to the Magoochie for the Al Green loaners <3) The thing I forgot about is that you have to change the record over every 20 minutes or so instead of having the itunes playlist go for hours . . . potentially days! But it makes me think of a time when I would actively listen to albums . . . just sitting/lying/chillin'/illin' and engaging with the music. I only do that now to a limited degree whilst painting or in transit to work or the university or whatever.

My other purchase! Can you believe it? Used! Who would resell this gem? Heathens . . . that's who!


Protagitron said...

Wait, is your brother really a teenage girl in the 80s? Better check.

Do you prefer the vinyl sound to digital? I find it depends on the type of music.

Pete Kohut said...

I totally prefer vinyl . . . there's something about that slightly muffled-ness that appeals to me :)