Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is an art photograph?

Here are the results of my first foray into making art using the medium of photography. I found the text by Stephen Shore The Nature of Photographs extremely helpful. The book describes the essential elements of a photographic image: physical level (actual size and surface qualities of the print), depictive level (ie. vantage point, focus, time, and frame) and the mental level (ie. what our minds process beyond what the eye is seeing).

Bus Reflection
Self-portrait 2011
Bright Idea

This last one is what I will be submitting. I like the idea of still time . . . meaning an image where the content is at rest and time is still. And the content depicts what I think is the foundation of photography: captured light. I might be called on my questionable cropping (or lack thereof) but I didn't want to fuss with this too much . . . I wanted to do very minimal "fixes in post." Thinking about it now, it's ironic that an image that depicts still time required a quick shutter speed (otherwise, the light would have engulfed the film.)

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