Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turning Figure

Turning Figure, 24" by 24", Oil on canvas, 2011

Similar in style to my series called "The Body" but the motive has changed. This painting is more about the way the eye travels when looking at the figure than it is about creating new forms and shapes. This isn't about the delight in shapes although there is a playful/energetic feel to it. This painting is about seeing. It is also about how colour affects our perception of mass/form.
I used a few different methods with this painting. 1. I taped a brush to a metre stick to do the linear work (allowed more freedon of movement: using the whole arm instead of just the forearm) 2. a cold wax medium (you can see the great textures it holds below: the play of heavy and light, solid and textured vs. light and soft, smooth).

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