Sunday, June 26, 2011

Study for Order and Chaos

Study for Order and Chaos, 18" by 24", oil on canvas, 2011

Latest painting.
Thoughts on the duality of order and chaos and how we understand our world.
A simple cube-like shape is placed in an ambiguous space. The light greys of the background seem to "whitewash" a jumble of linear elements (who still manage to peak out through). The cube has a 3-d quality because of the perspective, but it's not a true perspective: it's an axonometric drawing. It also has a flat quality of it which recalls the 2-d of the picture plane. The colours used to represent the top portions of the cube play with the warm/cool effect that colours have on depth perception.
So what does this mean?
There is an underlying chaos to the universe but our minds create systems for us to understand it. More specifically to this painting, the cube is the ideal form to represent order (especially to a guy like me who has a background in design, drafting, lego building, video games, and architecture).

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