Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter form Painting 01

Letterform Painting 01, 24" by 36", acrylic on board, 2011
Here's a new painting. I consider it as more of a thought piece than as an actual "finished" work.
I like the idea of using earthtones. I can evoke a sense of the organic while using machine-smithed forms (even though most typefaces are designed with the idea of idealized handwriting as their foundation). But you generally don't relate letterforms to living things (unless you like to use the font called Critter), so this has that unexpected-in-the-mundane aspect to it. Aspirations to make a sculpture or installation where viewers can walk into the counterforms (negative space) of the letters. Claes Oldenburg-type letters half sunk into the ground. Long frieze-like murals. Do I break out of the horizontal matrix, would it be "read" as letterforms then?

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