Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working in the metal shop

It is such an amazing feeling. Bending and shaping solid metal with these crazy powerful tools, making it look easy! The sparks flying everywhere, singeing my hoodie, getting down my neck. But the zip cutter (angle grinder: using the edge of the blade) cuts through the stiff and cold sheet metal like its butter. The loud buzzing and hissing of sparks makes my heart thump partially from fear and excitement. It's exhilerating! An hour of cutting (somewhat) straight lines, i was getting quite good with it about half way through. I was able to start to feel the grain (?) of the iron against the blade. I could tell if it was straight or veering off the guidelines I'd drawn. Next I'll have to sand the sides cuz the cuts left some harsh edges and then bend the "blades" and create the negative space and motion that is the crux of the piece. I really, really hope it stands upright lol.
Wooo! So much fun!

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