Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Now that the dust has settled from the VEAA show, time to get back to work. I've enjoyed a little press and am interested to see the further response to my work from my "client list". But of course, this means I have to keep painting, to do what I've always done. To continue on my path and paint they way that I'm meant to. I won't deny that my motivation is higher knowing that the paintings I make now are more likely to be exhibited than any other paintings in my career . . . but it's still the same process: persistence and enthusiasm . . . and throw in a little fun and jazzy spontaneity for good measure :)
Below are the pieces that will be on display at the VEAG studio, online and at the next exhibition in November(?).
Vulnerable Male
Time Stopped
Spring Cleaning
The Surf and Campfire
Searching Phosphorescence
Inter Play

Should be a very exciting year. There's going to be two more VEAG shows (?) and a possible solo show (?) so I'd better get painting.
Happy September :)

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