Friday, January 30, 2009


I’m feeling the need to return to my core.

Someone I hold in high esteem said to me that I’m an old master. There is a stillness to my work. Like the figures are posing.. The fact that my figures seem to be still is unnerving to me actually. I want my figures to have that latent energy/tension as in Michelangelo’s or Rodin’s sculpture. Studies of Rodin? Perhaps when I get proper training in contemporary or abstract art, I’ll be able to go in that direction more convincingly… or perhaps my old master methods can be applied in a contemporary way


I’m noticing something about myself. The more I get away from naturalism, the more I want to return to it.


I’m also experience a return to myself brought on by circumstantial solitude. I went for a walk on the seawall last night and watched the Gabriola ferry come into port. I felt like Pete again… or refreshed or nourished or something. Standing there, leaning on the railing, I thought about how blessed I am. I thought about the friends that I walked here two summer’s ago. I had a lot of fun going for my weekly walks with my dancer friend. Summer afternoon walks with my best friend. Enchanted my sweetheart here. I thought about how great it is to be here on the island and not desperately alone in Brandon. My life has changed so much in these past few years… i can hardly keep up. My heart gets so full at times.

“My good heart”.


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