Monday, January 7, 2019

Grid paintings

Some thoughts:
-strong presence
-doing something . . . but what
-rational but odd and vibrating
-gravity / weight
-illusory depth and flatness
-human and thought = ?
-division of space

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Jewel Blue Beret

Against grey
Coffee cup

Abstraction on the edge of figuration
Lines that are lines
But take you somewhere else
Denying that leap
Keeping you on the surface

White on Naples yellow
(building hues)
Copper / green lines / grids / windows

Deep marine
Aqua teals
Memories of the sea
Seawall in Nanaimo
Whale watching
Boat ride with J
I fear the sea
Fathoms of the unseen
Now threatened

Monday, December 3, 2018

Coral Pink

Coral Pink, 54" by 84", oil on canvas,

-architecture fenestration
-Frank Stella's "straight" lines (someone almost said what you see is what you see . . .)
-formalism and the hand
-painful to look at
-jitters, oscillates, afterimage
-static dynamism
-scale is important
-could add some texture to lead the viewer in?
-difficult to talk about
-light and colour
-seeing what it looks like
-light changes the read dramatically
-colour seems solid in bright light
-weird institutional feel

Monday, November 26, 2018

Untitled (Grids)

Untitled (Grids), 72" by 36", oil on canvas
Comments from today's critique:
-economy of elements
-situates itself amidst the binaries of representation and abstraction/rationalists forms
-illusory, dimension
-pairing down
-colour combos =  oscillations
-solid object and illusory depth
-loop of looking (aspect ratios)
-top line? mannerism or helps to ground/anchor it?
-complicated vs. complex

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Untitled (For Luna)

Untitled (For Luna), 60" by 72", oil on canvas, 2018

My latest canvas is the second largest single panel painting I have made so far (the biggest being 6' by 6'). It's difficult to capture in digital form but the effect of the low light on the surface of the canvas creates an interesting buzz as our eyes try to adjust. A buzzing sensation is compounded by the approximate value of the line work. Below are some of the comments on the work:
-relates to the environment and to our bodies
-is it a portal? can you step into it?
-digital/molecule/atomic/cellular structure hints
-also 3D effect
-push/pull contrasts
-strong in less-than-ideal lighting
-pre-built colour, not out of the tube or simply "blue"
-interrupted field
-speak about the difficulty of looking
-not as painful to look at as some of my other work (I liked that comment)
-this painting is trying to show something
-also about time

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Untitled (Current Atmospheric Conditions)

We had our first crit/group meeting today for the advanced studio class I'm taking and here is the piece that I presented.

Pretty good responses from the group and my prof:
-daylight diffused
-variation of opacity of the lines guides the eye
-optical vs illusory
-sequencing: relationship to simultaneity
-holding space: a conversation with the building
-height: activates you
-authoritative, fencing
-delicious (want to lick it)
-aware of the perception, questions it
-opponent-process effects
-feels sculptural
-frieze (architecture)
-illusory charge
-sublinguistic: a need to make them (why? what is this?)
-quality of time, the anonymity of the artist (back to the maker)
-incidental metaphor
-socratic cave?
-positive/negative flip
-hurts the eyes: optically pop out
-structure of looking
-the single panel might be viewed as artifact whereas the sequence is something else

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Constancy of the Present

Thinking about existential-phenomenology, specifically Merleau-Ponty:
-a zone where being and consciousness coincide
-the constancy of the present
-"now" is an artificial way of constructing the present
-we exist in the present but what about memory?
-internal perception of time vs. clock time
-time is a fountain
-embodied stimulation
-the role of the body in perception (not just about the mind)

A few things:
-ontology = what is
-phenomenology = what appears

-plenum = the whole of space

-what does time look like?
-what colour is the present?
-what about colours that change? colours that change as you move (reflections?)
-what about colours that fade?
-what about colours that get harder/easier to see over time?

Philip Guston

Henri Matisse

Brice Marden